Spellspire – Review (Xbox One)

10 Tons have covered a lot of genres in their time, but with their latest game Spellspire, it’s time to have a word with yourself – literally.

Your aim is to get to to the top of the Spellspire tower, but you’re not gonna be able to just waltz up their untested (that wouldn’t make a particularly good game, would it?). Lots of enemies stand in your way (including bosses), but thankfully you are a wizard with a particularly useful gift. Between you and your foes are grids with random letters. If you can assemble a word, it will strike a shot at the enemies standing in your way. But you’ll need many words to make it through a level. Any word with 3 letters and above is fair game, but the more letters in a word the more damage it will inflict. So you’ll really need to get your thinking cap on, especially as you ascend the tower as enemies grow and are better protected.

Each monster you face conveniently drops gold, which can be used to buy more powerful wands, hats, robes and so on. You also get cool little useful add ons that can help you when your back’s against the wall, like a dictionary, health potions and more. These are all really nice touches, but the joy in Spellspire is in frantically trying to find words when your time limit is running out. It’s a game you can play with friends or family, and you’ll be amazed at what words can save you. At one point, my wife shouted “PENIS! PENIS WORKS!” She was right, the word PENIS slayed the final beast standing in my way on a certain level. And how many games can you say that about?

Spellspire tests your brain and your reflexes. But most importantly, it is ridiculous amounts of fun. So the question is, should you buy Spellspire?

Um, do I have to spell it out for you?



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