Seasons After Fall – Review (Xbox One)

Not many games give themselves away at the title screen, but with Seasons After Fall you can tell that you’re in for something beautiful. Before you know it you’re a little seed, gliding through beautiful landscapes, the current guiding you through tree branches, bouncing off tiny balls of light. And that’s just the first two minutes. Seasons After Fall is at heart, a 2D puzzle platformer, but it’s so much more than that.

You are a wild fox, and your aim is to find the Guardians of all 4 seasons, for they have what you need. Learning to harness the power of the seasons will help you to help the forest. Each season has big changes to their environment. During Winter, Winter can freeze waterfalls, and frozen water can be used as platforms. The rain from Spring makes water levels rise, and Summer can make plants grow. Whilst you navigate through the forest, it’s hard to not get distracted though by how stunning this game is to be in. The hand drawn art style is majestic, and everything changes based on what season you’re in. The subtle yet gorgeous music, the colours changing…the elements transform and it’s an aspect that really makes Seasons After Fall stand out.

Seasons after Fall is a Metroidvania game, so you’ll be going back and forth. Backtracking can be slightly a pain if I’m honest, but only because the environments slightly lose their wow factor when you’ve already seen them before. But that is genuinely the only negative I can muster up. Throughout it’s 5-6 hour running time Seasons After Fall stands out as a thing of wonder. If you were a fan of Ori and the Blind Forest but found it potentially too rage inducing, then this one is for you. It’s like Ori’s chilled out younger brother or sister. And that’s definitely a good thing.

Seasons After Fall is out now.



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