Butcher – Review (Xbox One)

Transhuman Design and Crunching Koalas have teamed up to bring Butcher to Xbox One and believe me, this one is not for the faint hearted. It is however for people that want a reflex testing, adrenaline pumping experience that you can’t put down. Strap yourselves in, as it’s time to get brutal…

The story goes that you are a cyborg programmed to discard of humanity. Basically, destroy any humans in your path and make it to the next level. Levels are short and sweet, but it won’t be easy. There are various difficulty levels here but the game tells you straight off the bat that Hard is the easiest mode. You suspect that ‘easiest’ was said with tongue firmly in cheek. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not impossible – you can save that for the ‘Impossible’ difficulty setting. Weapons wise you are armed with a shotgun and chainsaw for the lesser folk, and rail guns and grenade launchers for the big dudes (wait till you get to the boss – he/she/it barely fits on the screen).

The 2D pixel vibe works perfectly here. On screen, you are entering a world of complete chaos. Enemies come at you from all different sides, not to mention an array of hazards in your surroundings – I got burned alive many a time here. But it’s perhaps the attention to detail here that makes Butcher stand out. The music is phenomenal, the art style is dingy and dirty and the sound effects are genuinely troubling at times – the screams of someone you have just doused in flames from your flame thrower and blood curdling to say the least. Before you know it you’ll be turning into a monster, gunning your way through hordes of humans with a gleeful smile on your face. Because Butcher is so fun. As I said before I couldn’t put it down, honestly. Add on the fact that Butcher‘s price tag is ludicrously low and it has a challenging 1000G to go for and it genuinely feels like a perfect gaming experience.

Join the bloodbath, Butcher is out now.



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