Late Shift – Review (Xbox One)

Late Shift is a crime thriller with a difference. It plays like a movie and you my friend are the director. You decide where the story goes with your decisions and ultimately where it ends. Decision based games have been with us for a while but instantly it becomes clear that Late Shift is different. It looks and plays like a smooth, slick Hollywood film and has a script and cast to keep you on the edge of your seat. Time to clock in…

You star as Matt, an intelligent student who also has a side job parking cars in a valet. One night on a shift, you notice something suspicious going on. Do you inspect it, or ignore? Here is where your important decisions start. What follows is a tale of robbery, gang violence, rare Chinese artefacts and potentially murder. There are 180 decision points and 7 different endings in Late Shift and there are drastic differences in where the story ends up. Don’t worry, I’ll keep things spoiler free, but you should know that you will pretty much spend the whole game in a pressure cooker with each twist and turn getting more and more tense.

Each play through will last between 70-80 minutes, which doesn’t sound that long, but if you’re an achievement hunter you’ll want to dive in a few more times to get the 1000G. And even if you’re not, it’s a total joy replaying Late Shift as each play through offers drastically different paths to head down. Another huge positive to an already gleaming experience is the price tag. £7.99 is a ludicrously fair price for an experience that delivers in every single aspect. And you’ll certainly get your money’s worth with Late Shift oozing replayability.


With games like The Bunker and Late Shift, you can’t help but feel that exciting times in gaming aren’t on their way – they’re already here. Late Shift is one shift you won’t want to miss.



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