Snake Pass – Review (Xbox One)

Meet Noodle. As snakes go, Noodle is absolutely bloody adorable. And as the main star of Snake Pass, you two will get well acquainted. Accompanied by a hummingbird called Doodle (what are the chances!), it will be up to you to slide and slither your way through a slippery selection of 15 levels. It’s gonna be a long and winding road to the top of Haven Tor, literally. Most importantly, returning keys to end of level gates in order to progress. It’s colourful and bright, and if you were looking at Snake Pass at a glance, you’d assume it’s a fun little kid’s game. It is fun, but it’s also surprisingly hard. You didn’t think it would be easy controlling a snake did you?!

To move Noodle, you need to slide left and right and to climb you have to life your head up. This will slowly lean your body over any obstacles. Early on, no problem. Later on? Wowzer it can get tricky. But that’s the whole point – Snake Pass is a platformer with a twist. I mean how many times have you seen a snake do a double jump? Multitasking is the key. After a while, the movement does become natural, which is a testament to how good a job has been done here. It’s difficult, but not so difficult that you give up. And the fact that movement is a puzzle in itself here is really clever.

Across the game’s aforementioned 15 levels and four world themes you will climb to the highest peaks (and fall off) and venture underwater. I must say as well, the visuals hit a home too. Beautiful, bright jungle like environments mean that you’ll want to take the scenic route with this one. Not to mention a whole load of sssseductive achievements to go for too. But perhaps the most endearing aspect of Snake Pass is that it is a game that has its heart in the right place. Good wholesome fun for everyone, although you might drop a few F-bombs while controlling Noodle. But who could stay mad at a face like that? Nice to meet you, Noodle. Let’s do this again sometime.


Snake Pass is available now from the Xbox store.


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