Chime Sharp – Review (Xbox One)

Chime Sharp is a music puzzle game where you move shapes over a grid which in turn builds musical notes. As you cover more of the grid, the music opens up more and more. Chime Sharp is actually a sequel to 2009’s Chime, but adds 16 new levels, a completely refreshed soundtrack, experimental modes and more. But is Chime Sharp music to our ears? Let’s find out…

If you imagine a cross between Tetris mixed with elements of Sound Shapes‘ Beat School mode then you would be in the right ballpark. Luckily, Chime Sharp swings for the fences in nearly every area. We mentioned covering the grid earlier on. Well it’s timed, and the idea is to not leave any gaps. The blocks you are given can be rotated to fit the right way with others. It’s very rare that a game manages to be relaxing and tense at the same time, but Chime Sharp is unique in this sense. Move quickly, and you can up your points and multipliers, but it all looks easier than it actually is.

As you unlock levels, the game becomes pretty difficult. But it’s a rewarding experience and a friendly one too, because each level has an easy, medium and hard mode to get stuck into. The game visually is beautiful, with vibrant colours that will make you want to take the scenic route. The star of the show however may just be the music. The soundtrack here is brilliant, and hugely compliments the simple yet effective gameplay. All in all, Chime Sharp , accompanied by it’s very fair Ā£7.99 price tag, is a game where you should definitely face the music and chime in.



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