MX Nitro – Review (Xbox One)

MX Nitro screeches onto Xbox One with a whole host of tricks and backflips to keep you entertained. And it certainly does that. Let’s ride!


MX Nitro is a side scrolling racer, with stunts being key. The bigger stunts you pull, the more Nitro you get. Nitro is essentially a boost button. Without using Nitro, you won’t win a single race, so from that alone you know how vital it is. MX Nitro not only encourages, but damn near commands that you take risks. The adrenaline that comes with going for that final trick before the finish line is something MX Nitro excels at. Nail it and you take first place, get it wrong and you finish dead last. Luckily though, you’ll also be gaining cash (and XP) which you can use to either buy or upgrade bikes. The upgrading system is super easy to navigate and doesn’t overly complicate things with hundreds of bikes. Another plus.


Races are short, but difficult. Each one will take at least a few tries. The first attempt will be learning the in’s and out’s of the track, where you need to save Nitro for and so on. There are over 40 different tracks from around the globe here to get your teeth stuck, so you’ll have lots of time to figure it out as well as hardcore bosses, freestyle events, sync events, online and more. There really is an excellent amount of content on offer here. The game itself is a home run looks wise too. You can tell this has been a real labour of live and some of the crash scenes in particular are so realistic that they might be for the strong stomached. Don’t worry though, nothing too gruesome, but it’s just enough that you’ll be glad you’re playing it on Xbox One and not on a real life track. The game also runs like a dream, so the only crashing you’ll experience is of your own doing.


All in all, MX Nitro does exactly what you want, and then some. It’s great price point of £15.99 and a whole host of achievements to fly, flip and land to make MX Nitro a ride worth taking.



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