Dead Effect 2 – Review (Xbox One)

Dead Effect 2 is a gaming cocktail of sci-fi, horror and FPS action. It’s certainly a blend that’s been mixed before, but is it a refreshing take on the genre, or does it leave a bad taste? Let’s find out…


In Dead Effect 2, you’re stuck on a spaceship where your fellow passengers are a pain to say the least. They don’t hog the arm rest or snore loudly while you’re trying to watch a film. You wish. They’re actually blood thirsty zombies trying to kill you at your every turn. You start armed with a pistol. Each mission consists of you having a simple objective and having to fight your way through the undead in order to complete it. The more enemies you annihilate, the more XP you gain. These can be used to update your arsenal of weapons and if you need to level things up further you can always repeat missions too. The game itself warns you that certain enemies pretty much require you to be at their level otherwise you will be zombie food.


Story wise the game is what you would expect, and a lot of it is told in between levels, while you’re upgrading weapons and so on. But truth be told, the fun is blasting away at enemies, invoking a sea of blood all over the place. And while Dead Effect 2 might not have quite the gloss of huge AAA games, it’s a genuinely impressive effort from an indie studio. Throw in a whole load of achievements to shake your blood covered gun at and a very fair price tag and Dead Effect 2 is well worth your time.



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