The Little Acre – Review (Xbox One)

I’m gonna come in straight off the bat and say that The Little Acre is bloody adorable. And not in a twee, sugar coated trying to be cute way. It’s adorable in the sense that it’s a beautiful story told in a beautiful world. Welcome to the adventure that is The Little Acre


The Little Acre is set in 1950s Ireland. It follows the story of Aidan and his sweet daughter Lily. Without giving too much away, Aidan’s father has mysteriously disappeared and while investigating gets transported to another world. Lily then finds herself in the same conundrum and she ends up there too. Both encounter many trials and tribulations along the way, and what you’re left with is an endearing story about the importance of family.


First thing’s first, The Little Acre is stunning visually, with its hand drawn animation a real star of the show here. You can see that by the screens, and it’s certainly evidenced in the game’s ridiculously smooth frame rate. But don’t get too distracted by the scenery. It’s a point and click adventure, so solving problems is the name of the game here. Straight from the off The Little Acre feels like a friendly game. If you’re stuck on a solution to a particular problem, you can bring up a hint. If you’re one of those people who cares more about the story than solving brain busters, the game will let you bring up the solution so you can move on.


The game itself is a short one – you’ll be wrapping it up between 2-4 hours. But it’s a testament to its quality than I had genuine moments of smiling in certain scenes and feeling teary eyed in others. I felt a part of it. I wasn’t just watching cut scenes the whole time, I was part of the story. And that’s why The Little Acre is an absolute gem that shouldn’t be ignored this holiday season. And last bout not least, the icing on an already excellent cake is for achievement hunters. Achievements pop all over the shop in this adventure, with the vast majority of them being through natural progression (although you will most likely need a guide for one or two). So there you have it, in summary, I am pretty much in love with The Little Acre. And unless you have a heart of stone, I think you will be too.

The Little Acre is out today on Xbox One.



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