Tennis In The Face – Review (Xbox One)

10 Tons have had a hell of a year, releasing more games than you could shake a stick at. But it’s not been quantity over quality, as each release has differed in theme but maintained a consistent calibre of excellence. For their final release of the year, we’re going from the sublime (Gorgeous space shooter Xenoraid) to the ridiculous. If you’re wondering what Tennis In the Face is all about, the clue is in the name. So get ready, as it’s time to smash your balls into people’s faces! I mean…well let’s just play the game shall we?


Tennis In The Face serves as a sort of bizarre physics game where you are armed with a limited amount of tennis balls and a tennis racquet. Standing in your way are goons who need to be knocked down in order to progress to the next level. To get rid of them you simply hit them with a tennis ball. Some of them might be at awkward angles so you might have to use the environment around you to bin them off. Ricochet the ball off a wall, hit a nearby exploding energy drink, shatter glass and so on. As you progress through the levels, you will change to where you’re serving an energy drink instead of a tennis ball. They don’t move as fast but they do have a kick to them once they land near an enemy. As you can imagine, it’s not just your ammo that changes either, the enemies do to; some have riot shield gear on so need to be hit from behind, some have briefcases that explode with money, some are hipsters with massive phones, some are clowns – the list goes on. Perhaps once of the most fun things about Tennis In The Face is serving a shot and watching the ludicrous chaos ensue. Enemies fall on top of each other, energy drinks are exploding everywhere – it’s complete carnage, but in a cartoony way.


The game has over 120 levels which sounds colossal, but some of the early levels in particular are completed within seconds. This Xbox One version also contains 24 levels not featured on any other platform, so you know that this is the most complete version of the game out there. And for you acheivement hunters out there, it contains a very doable 1000G, with a lot of the 15 achievements popping naturally. So there you have it, Tennis In The Face is huge amounts of fun and is more addictive than a can of Red Bull. It is also deliciously good value, with a price of only 4.99. And that’s not all, but it has a pre order and launch discount of 10% too.

Tennis In The Face releases December 9th and we highly recommend it. ๐ŸŽพ



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