Wheels of Aurelia – Review (Xbox One)

Wheels of Aurelia has one of the most unique premises for a game on the Xbox Store. It’s very much a story driven game, literally. The tales in Wheels of Aurelia unfold whilst you are driving in the climate of 1970’s Italy and whilst the scenery is beautiful, it’s actually a time of kidnappings, terrorism and political turmoil.


The game gives you a lot of choices. You can drive as fast or as slow as you like and you will be given a selection of different answers you can pick whilst your talking with your passenger. This can make the difference between people staying friends or parting ways. Navigation wise you can choose your route too, so you may end up being involved in bank robberies, illegal car races or even being chased by the police. On top of that there is also the option of picking up hitchhikers, which can add a third person to the equation and embellishes your story even more.


Wheels of Aurelia shines with its ending system. There is a whopping 16 different endings so you never quite know where you might end up story wise. It also ensures great replay value, which is a good thing as you can actually race through the game in 15 minutes (30 minutes if you take your time). If you’re an achievement hunter you’re also in luck, as you’ll have the 1000G simply by seeing all of the aforementioned endings, which won’t take more than 4 hours. Don’t let the running time put you off though. Despite its short length, Wheels of Aurelia packs a surprisingly emotional punch, especially the story involving abortion or the dilemma of a Priest that you meet on your travels. Not bad for £7.99.


All in all, Wheels of Aurelia may sound bizarre, and it kind of is. But there’s an endearing sense of beauty in the bizarre sometimes, and that makes Wheels of Aurelia worth starting your engine for.



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