LASTFIGHT – Review (Xbox One)

LastFight hit the Xbox store this week and something about its look made me think of the old days of hitting the arcades. I couldn’t wait to dive in, and my excitement wasn’t unwarranted.


LastFight is a bright, colourful 3D fighter game. You can play solo, 1 on 1, or even 2 on 2 with an array of 10 fighters across 8 different stages. The best place to start is story mode. Here you can learn the basics. Story Mode is actually fairly short (there’s even an achievement for completing it in 20 minutes) but it’s huge fun with a killer story. One of the best things about LastFight is using your environment against your opponent. In one area you can grab any nearby TV or locker and throw them at your opponent, whilst in another various fridges drop from the sky for you to catapult across the room. In another, you can stand on a platform which spits out fireballs or you can pick any nearby missiles up and shoot your enemy in the face. Using surrounding objects to your advantage is nothing new in a fighter game, but here it’s done with such great humour that it makes LastFight hugely endearing.


The game itself looks gorgeous, and there’s a lot of bang for your buck too – so feel free to take the scenic route. Once you’ve nailed Story mode you can head to Endless mode, where you have to beat as many opponents as you can with one health bar, or Pinball mode, where the only way to win is to attack by launching pinballs. Where LastFight thrives however is couch multiplayer. Getting friends over and kicking each other’s ass is a blast. But don’t worry if your friends can’t make it, you can replace them with AI. So whatever your fighting needs, LastFight has you covered.


LastFight packs one hell of a punch with its great sense of humour, inventive environments and lightspeed responsive mechanics. And besides, it lets you throw a fridge at someone, repeatedly. How could you not love a game that lets you do that?!



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