Silence out this week on Xbox One

Daedalic is one of Germany’s most acclaimed publishers and developers, with numerous awards for adventure game milestones. Their latest release, Silence is coming to Xbox One this week.

Silence will feature two playable characters – Noah and Renie – as well as an important sidekick named Spot. Noah and Renie will both come with different abilities, which players need to consider in order to solve puzzles.


The game will take you to a fantasy world – Silence, or sometimes also called The Whispered World – from which Noah and Renie will have to escape. Noah has been to this world once before, but he didn’t know it still existed. He knows that it’s a beautiful place only on first sight. What he doesn’t know yet, though, is that Silence has turned into a more hostile place since he visited it last time. It will be Noah’s task to save Renie from this place – and to find out how and why the Whispered World has managed to keep existing.

Silencecomes to Xbox One this week.


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