Xenoraid – Review (Xbox One)

10 Tons have a certain knack of delivering consistently good games, and with space shooter Xenoraid now setting its sights on the Xbox store you can’t help but wonder if they can keep up the standard. Let’s find out…


Xenoraid is a vertically scrolling shooter, with the rather unique premise of being able to change multiple ships mid battle. So if one of your ships is hanging on for dear life, you can quickly change to a pristine ship that is all fired up and ready to go with an array of bullets and rockets. You have 4 ships in total. Then it’s up to you survive missions until all enemies are eradicated. You may end a mission with all 4 in tact, or you might be down to your last ship. Now buying a new ship costs a lot more than repairing one (which you can do between missions) so swapping becomes essential for financial reasons too. You don’t want to waste your hard earned credit obtained during battle. Not only that, but switching is actually a great strategy too. You see it’s not just a variety of ships firing at you, you also have to contend with loads of bloody asteroids slowly creeping their way towards you. If you’re just about to get smashed into smithereens, switching ships then becomes an essential dodging technique.


With all the distractions on screen, it would nearly be hard to miss the detail that has gone into Xenoraid‘s presentation. Nearly. But the game looks excellent, and is bright and colourful as a bag of skittles. The gameplay is as smooth as butter and the difficulty is well paced as well, with the first 10 missions being simple enough, before picking up gradually across the other 30 (you have 4 boss fights too). In summary, Xenoraid is a total blast (literally) – it looks great, it feels great and most importantly it plays great too.

Xenoraid is another sterling addition to 10 Tons glowing collection of games and a must for shooter fans. Superb.



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