Clustertruck – Review (Xbox One)

Keep on truckin’ eh? You’ll have to when it comes to the crazy platformer Clustertruck, brought to you by the ever reliable folks at tinyBuild. The concept is very simple. You simply have to jump across a traffic jam’s worth of trucks and reach the end goal. The only problem is the floor is lava. Yep, lava. Game Over if you time a jump wrong. Let’s rev up the engine and start our journey…


Clustertruck on paper doesn’t sound like much. You jump across trucks. That’s it. But weirdly it really, really works. And it’s surprisingly hard too. Once the trucks start moving and falling off bridges, you almost need perfect timing and a truck load of luck to boot. There are a number of different worlds that you’ll make your way through; the Desert World, the Winter World, the Laser World and so on. As you’d expect, the difficult ramps up and at times you’ll be shouting “For Truck’s Sake!” at your Elite controller, wondering why a game that in theory seems so simple is so trucking hard.


But like I said earlier, it works. It’s fun, addictive and a surprisingly complex platformer that reels you in from start to its challenging finish. At first I was worried Clustertruck would be too gimmicky, but it’s actually pretty great. Thank truck for that.



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