Mantis Burn Racing – Review (Xbox One)

It’s time to feel the burn (sorry) as Mantis Burn Racing hits the Xbox One store this week. It’s certainly picked a hell of a week to do so – in the blue corner VR is launching with its onslaught of games and in the green corner the mighty Gears of War is arriving. But Mantis Burn Racing has a lot going for it, even if focus might be elsewhere this week.


Mantis Burn Racing is a top down racer with an extensive variety of content. Career Mode, Online and Local Multiplayer and all the other things you’d expect wise are here. But one of its biggest strengths is it’s RPG style upgrade system. You have slots which are unlocked through progression and you can upgrade a car’s suspension, gear box and more. And the cars themselves aren’t too shabby either. Some are huge monster ones, suited to kicking ass. And some are zippy little fellas, but have a hell of a kick when you push down the throttle. Progression is straightforward. In order to further your career you need to achieve a certain amount of Gears to unlock the season’s final event, so they’ll be no rinsing through every event in last place. In fact, you need to finish in the top 3 at least to unlock the connecting paths of the career grid.


The gameplay itself eases you in, with everything in the first season being an absolute doddle. It’s about half way through the second season that the difficulty picks up. You’ll be drifting, colliding and destructing everything in your path with a face full of sand and a smile on your face. The visuals are excellent – we’re not talking Forza/Driveclub excellent, but they’re still impressive, and I would actually wage that Mantis Burn Racing is more fun that the two previously mentioned games. No, really! Mantis Burn Racing is just so much bloody fun. Handling is excellent throughout and there is more twists and turns than you can shake an exhaust pipe at. Also, achievements spread like wildfire in this one, popping more than a Push Pop listening to pop music. I could go on and on about the different modes, but honestly it’s a racing game, you know the drill. Just get in and take a ride, it’s one of the good ones.


Mantis Burn Racing is some of the most fun I’ve ever had on a racing game. Excellent stuff.



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