Armikrog – Review (Xbox One)

Here at Xboxology we’ve been looking forward to Armikrog for a while. With sets and characters made of clay already having us well and truly sold, we then find out it’s by the people who brought us The Neverhood. Straight away, Armikrog is already ticking boxes all over the shop. So we know visually we’re in for a treat, and humour wise we should be covered, but how about the rest of it? Let’s find out…


Armikrog is a point and click game. Story wise, you need to save Planet Ixen, by controlling Tommynaut and his dog Beak Beak. The game is centred around getting out of a series of towers by solving puzzles. For instance, certain areas Tommynaut is your guy – whether it’s finding levers, or even stopping a baby from crying (no, really!). Other times, you’ll need Beak Beak to head through a tunnel, collect a key and barf it out in front of you (no, really!). Puzzles wise, there really are a whole variety of things to do. Most are pretty self explanatory, like turning wooden tiles into the right direction to access a door. But then sometimes, the game almost demands you to pay attention even when you think you don’t need to. For example, I was happily solving puzzles left, right and centre, until I reached an area which required me to input 3 correct drawings into a certain order. Which meant I had to back track, look at drawings I’d previously discovered and go back again. It’s a mistake I only made once, but it’s certainly worth considering beforehand to be on your toes.


Armikrog is quiet a short game. It will take you around 4 hours. But those 4 hours (despite offering a few frustrating conundrums) are so good that Armikrog is well worth the price of admission. For one, visually it is just wonderful. There’s a staggering attention to detail here, and it will remind you of TV shows you grew up watching as a kid, long before today’s CGI world of effects. But all of the visual eye candy on show here wouldn’t work if Armikrog wasn’t as hugely endearing as it is. And endearing it certainly is.

Armikrog is intelligent, funny and most of all, not like anything else on Xbox One right now. Go get it.



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