Layers of Fear: Inheritance – Review (Xbox One)

Layers of Fear was a complete surprise to me when it came out. I almost feel like horror games have been losing their edge. Predictable jumpy moments were becoming all too prominent for me in the genre. Creaking doors and so on. But when I played Layers of Fear, I genuinely found it scary. The psychological element of it is what did it. The idea that the scariest thing you could imagine is in your mind. How do you get rid of your mind? Your thoughts? Well if you enjoyed Layers of Fear, you’ll be as happy as I was that we have a whole new dose of content to get our head round in the form of Inheritance. But what is Inheritance?


Inheritance expands on the story of the original game whilst almost branching off from the main path. Almost like the same story being told by someone else in a sense. You star as the painter’s daughter, who is mentally retracing her steps through her childhood. The first thing that is quite alarming is that the Father (who you previously played as before) is really not a likeable person at all. Clearly facing a lot of demons, but still. It makes Inheritance perhaps even more frightening, but other than that Inheritance is very much more of the same. The psychedelic colours, the hallucinogenic journeys through corridors and upstairs. Things moving when they shouldn’t be, creepy dolls and memories scattered around the house. It’s very similar to what you’ve already experienced in the base game, but the base game was so great that it would be just be plain bizarre to switch the formula. And after playing Inheritance, you’ll be appreciative that Bloober Team took the time to expand on the story.


Inheritance will take around 2-3 hours to complete, and for Ā£3.99 that’s pretty great. Not forgetting of course that there are different endings to see, collectibles and some creepy achievements to unlock too. As far as scary games go, Layers of Fear Inheritance sure paints a hell of a picture. Great stuff.



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