The Solus Project – Review (Xbox One)

Ever since I saw the mysterious looking The Solus Project on the Xbox preview program I was intrigued. I literally knew nothing about it, but I knew I wanted to visit. Once you enter the world of The Solus Project, it’s actually hard to come out of the game and go back to normal life. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s explore…


Earth has been destroyed, and you are abroad a ship looking for potential new planets to inhabit. Your ship crashes, and you are the only one who makes it out alive. With essentially nothing of any use on your person, it’s up to you to survive on this planet. This section of the game revolves around you finding and combining materials that can help you eat, drink, keep warm, keep dry and so on. It’s not too hard to keep fed on this forgotten planet. Especially when you have the stunning scenery to keep you company. The Solus Project is as much about exploration as it is about crafting materials and surviving. The game is stunning. At times, you’ll find it tricky to concentrate on your current objective. The environments for a forgotten planet are breathtaking to look at. But it’s not all about taking the scenic route and making yourself dinner.

Surprisingly, the game takes a very scary turn. Without giving anything away just trust me, things get very creepy and downright terrifying. And that’s why The Solus Project feels special. It’s essentially throwing the rule book out the atmosphere and putting together different genres to mound something that feels unique. If you could sum it up in a sentence, it would be a survival exploration horror game, but that feels like selling it short. The story for one is so well written that when you are done with The Solus Project you will more than feel you’ve got your money’s worth. And not to go on about it, but those visuals – wow.

The Solus Project is out of this world. Literally. Take a trip to somewhere special.



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