Anarcute – Review (Xbox One)

Anarcute hit the Xbox store last week, and at first we were drawn to its ludicrously cute graphics – but now we’re just flat out in love with this one. It’s not all cutie pie niceness though, this one has some teeth. So, what is it exactly?


The evil Brainwash Patrol have sized control of the world’s major cities; Tokyo, Paris, Miami, Reykjavik – they’re all in a spot of bother. It’s up to you and your furry army of cuteness to free them from the current oppressive regime. And you’re going to be needed for 40 levels. So how do we take the power back? Well once you enter a level, it will be up to you to perform certain tasks, like capture the flags or destroy a certain amount of antennas. But it’s not going to be easy. There are of course pesky enemies in your way. And a load of your allies are just sleeping in the streets. You’ll start with a few, but there’s strength in numbers, so as you head toward your objective you’re going to need to wake up some sleeping bunnies. As you do this you’ll gain more and more soldiers to your cute army to gain back control. So now you’ve got numbers, what about the enemies?


Well there’s a lot of ways you can take them out. You can simply go up to them and start smacking them, which is surprisingly fun. Not only that, but if you get enough smacks in, you’ll fill up a meter to perform a super stomp or a super dash. Alternatively, you could go for the less subtle approach, by pushing over buildings on to your foes by mashing the Y button when you’re next to one. It’s actually pretty vital, as using your surroundings is essential in Anarcute. You can pick up nearby cars and throw them at your enemies in order to daze them, leaving you time to dash towards them and take them out for good. Furthermore, you’ll also need to use this tactic to collapse security gates to get to the next part of the map. And whatever you do, don’t forget to dash. It’s not just about destruction, in the later levels and boss fights it’s about survival too.


Anarcute is a hard one to put into words, but it’s all complete chaos on screen, and it’s an absolute blast. It’s really not just the gameplay that Anarcute has going for it either. The game looks absolutely gorgeous (especially in the brilliant Breaking News style cut scenes), it runs like a dream and the music is just superb. All the animals involved are not only cute but really cool too. Throw on top of that a whole load of achievements to go for, the huge replay potential of the grading system of the levels, and just the fact that it’s so damn fun – and you’re left with a brilliant experience that is more than worth your money.

Chaos and destruction never looked so good. Anarcute is cute as hell and absolutely awesome. Highly recommended!



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