Carmageddon: Max Damage – Review (Xbox One)

Imagine you’re on a nice Sunday drive. The sun is shining, Lionel Richie is playing on Radio 2, and you’re taking in the beautiful scenery. You look towards a lake, and look…there is a paddling of little ducks, and an adorable elderly couple feeding them breadcrumbs. So serene. So lovely. Now take that image and fu#%ing shove it, because this is Carmageddon: Max Damage. You know the drill: prepare to be offended – and love every minute…


Carmageddon is so hilariously crass that you can’t help but smile. This game couldn’t care less if it’s PC (not as in PC, as know what I mean..) and for the most part it gets things very right. Want to win a race? That’s cool. But there are quite a few roadblocks. Sure you’re racing against other drivers, who will gladly ram you from behind at any given opportunity, but the main thing in your way are actually pedestrians. But luckily in Carmageddon you can just drive into them, taking them out in the most violent blood squirting way possible. And nobody is off limits. People in wheelchairs, elderly people with strollers…it takes a second to get used to it, but you quickly realise that everything here is so ludicrously tongue in cheek that you can’t possibly take it seriously enough to get offended.

There are 3 modes to fasten your seatbelt for here. Career, Free Mode and Multiplayer. All pretty self explanatory. There are however different ways to win races. You can either simply complete the laps and finish 1st, or you can kill a certain amount of pedestrians to win, or alternatively you can win some via hitting checkpoints in a numbered order before other people do. In other words, race, chase or kill. It’s all pretty simple and progression is fairly easy. If you’re struggling you can change the difficulty which won’t affect any of your achievements (none are tied to difficulty), and as a side note you should also head to the difficulty settings just to see the descriptions. Trust us.


Visually Carmageddon is decent. You’ll notice more and more that there is actually a big attention to detail in areas that are slightly off the beaten path. And with 30 odd vehicles, ridiculous weapons, absurd loading menus and just a general vibe of not caring if anyone is offended make Carmageddon actually surprisingly endearing. If you are a serious racing gamer then this one is probably not for you. But if you’re into racers that are deliciously silly with tongue in cheek violence then Carmageddon was made for you.

Carmageddon serves up a ridiculous journey of carnage and humour which turns out to be pretty damn fun.



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