10 Second Ninja X – Preview

Recently we were lucky enough to get some preview time with Four Circle Interactive’s 10 Second Ninja X (luckily we were granted longer than 10 seconds too) and we’ve been quietly in love with what we’ve played. So what can you expect? Well the short version is it’s a platformer along the lines of Super Meat Boy, but it’s actually, gulp, even harder because you only have 10 seconds to get the job done. Yikes. Sounds pretty horrible. But’s it’s not. It’s so bloody fun. And addictive.


If 10 Second Ninja sounds familiar, it’s because it was originally kicking ass in March of 2014, although not on consoles. It was received well, but 10 Second Ninja X is a sequel and essentially better in every way. Visuals, levels, content – it’s like it’s all been given a glorious makeover, but it’s actually been rebuilt from the ground up.

So what about the gameplay? Well unsurprisingly you star as a ninja, and you have just 10 seconds to wipe out every robot in your way. And despite the small amount of time you have, it’s incredibly impressive how strategic the game is. You really have to carefully look at the screen and figure out your path before you hit the stopwatch. On top of that, there is a 3 star rating for each level. One will suffice at times, but if you want to nail 3 stars, perfection is absolutely imperative. It’s like every level is the weirdest puzzle you’ve ever attempted. As you progress the pressure undeniably gets to you, but restarting a level is incredibly quick – virtually instant. It’s like those cheeky scamps at Four Circle Interactive knew you were going to die a lot. We’ll forgive em though, coz 10 Second Ninja X rules.

Included are achievements as you’d expect, and there are 12 in total. The majority of them are tied to collecting a certain amount of stars, so if you’re an achievement hunter you’ll want to start acing those levels as soon as possible. I think the best thing about 10 Second Ninja X though is that it can either be a quick, pick up and play game, say if you have half an hour before you go out, or it can be a game that you spend hours on because it’s got that “one more go” vibe to it.

If it sounds like your kind of thing (it’s awesome – trust us), 10 Second Ninja X is released on 19th July on Xbox One through Curve Digital.


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