Fragments of Him – Review (Xbox One)

Unique experiences in the gaming world can sometimes be hard to come by. I think that’s what drew me to Fragments of Him. And it’s safe to say I wasn’t disappointed. I would actually go as far to say that I was changed by the time the credits rolled. Because with Fragments of Him, Sassybot have created an experience that really makes you feel. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s go back a bit…


Fragments of Him focuses on one of life’s most difficult challenges. When a loved one dies suddenly, how does it affect those left behind? What did that person mean to a boyfriend, or a girlfriend, or a relative? And how do they move forward now that the person they love is no longer around? Fragments of Him explores precisely that. Each scene is from the perspective of someone close to the deceased. Now as far as gameplay goes, everything is incredibly simple. You simply interact with people and objects round the room in order to unlock another piece of dialogue and another piece of the story. But Fragments of Him is really not about that. If anything, if you had a complex control scheme and never ending combos it would be ridiculous, and would distract hugely from the important part here – the story.


One thing you’ll find with Fragments of Him is an element of surprise. I’m not talking about twists and turns in the plot or anything like that. It’s much more subtle than that. For me there was a particular scene, where I was doing something really simple (the gardening) and I suddenly just stopped and realised how incredibly invested I was in these characters. Despite being a 2-3 hour experience, there are so many incredibly beautiful and moving moments. It’s very hard to point them out without giving some kind of spoilers, but what I will say is there’s a running theme throughout Fragments of Him – love. It might be love based on concern, or based on friendship, or based on wanting to be a better boyfriend, but when the credits rolled, I found myself teary eyed, wanting to call people I’ve not spoken to for a while. To not take them for granted. And how many games can you honestly say that about?

Fragments of Him is beautiful, moving, honest and perhaps most impressively – an experience that will leave you changed. An outstanding, essential experience.