The Park – Review (Xbox One)

The Park is set in an amusement park, but there are no smiles here. No candyfloss, no balloons. Because this theme park just happens to be the setting for the most disturbing game you’ll play on Xbox One this year. It’s also one of the best games you’ll play this year.


You play as Lorainne, a single mum who can’t find her son Callum, who has run off into The Park just as it is closing for the day. You can call out to him, and occasionally hear him calling, but he always seems out of reach. It’s up to you to venture further and further into the Park, taking turns on abandoned rides, finding flyers and notes as you go. The more and more you head into the darkness, the more you start to realise that you might know more than you think about the whereabouts of your son. The horror and realisation of how events have unfolded is truly horrifying.


Whilst the game is a very short experience (you will complete and get all achievements within 2 hours), the effect that it has on you will stay with you long after you’ve finished it. Without wanting to sound too over the top, I just stared silently at the screen as the credits rolled, trying to process what I had just been a part of. The Park is a truly disturbing experience that honestly had me gripped from the second I paid admission. And even more staggeringly, The Park achieves in 2 hours what most games don’t do in 10 hours. Make no mistake, this game will shock you and play on your mind for long after you finish it, but if you’re interested in a real genuine experience, something that takes hold of you and doesn’t let go, then The Park is an absolute must.


The Park is the scariest and most disturbing ride of your life. Developers Funcom have truly delivered an absolute masterclass in storytelling. Go and visit The Park today, you won’t regret it.