Stikbold! – Review (Xbox One)

Stikbold! is a dodgeball game with a difference. Visually think Minecraft meets the 70’s. You star as Bjorn and Jerome, and it’s your duty to save the Stikbold! championships. Your attention might waver though, whether it be because of your love interest or the Devil (more on that later). Gameplay wise there’s everything you’d expect regarding the controls. Throw, dodge and pass are really all you need, but when I said it’s a dodgeball game with a difference, I really wasn’t kidding. There’s a whole host of wonderfully bizarre and endearing characters, but the real star of the show is the different environments. It all starts relatively normal, but before you know it you’ll be playing dodgeball on an oil rig in the middle of the ocean. Oh and while you’re doing it you’ll have to throw TNT into the mouth of a whale. Or you’ll be trying to avoid getting manhandled by a streaker. Or a hot dog.ย It’s brilliantly absurd and hugely addictive.

There are only 12 levels in the single player mode, which seems short, but the difficulty significantly ramps up around Level 6. The levels alternate between a standard get to 3 points to win, to a variety of boss fights. There’s tons of replay potential here too, as in each level there are secondary objectives to go for. More specifically these are called Daisies. So whether you’re trying not to get hit by a hippy van or trying to take down the Devil himself, you’ll have a blast doing so. You can play the campaign solo, with a friend, or alternatively dodge your way into some four player multiplayer matches. We bloody loved our time with it, and we think you might to.


Stikbold! is an experience you won’t want to dodge. It’s hugely endearing, addictive and fun. Who knew getting hit with balls could be so fun? I mean Dodgeballs. You know what I mean.