101 Ways To Die – Review (Xbox One)

In 101 Ways To Die, you must use a various array of tools and gadgets to send willing lab subjects called Splats to a gruesome end. The more stylish the scene you set, the better your rating will be. It’s a physics puzzler in the vein of Worms and Lemmings, but with a much darker setting. Bizarrely, it still manages to maintain a really good level of humour despite there being a huge amount of blood everywhere.


In order to progress, you need to earn stars in each level, and these are based on how inventive and intelligent your path of destruction is. You can’t simply get 1 star in each level, as you won’t be able to unlock later areas. So you’ll be going back to previously played levels in order to wreak havoc on these poor test subjects later down the line.


This creates a whole wealth of gameplay to hack into, and not forgetting some gruesome achievements to go for along the way. A lot of these will pop naturally (I was already on 20% before completing the first area) but some of these you’ll need to grind out based on specific kill types. Either way 101 Ways To Die is a surprisingly charming puzzler which will test your brain and your queasiness levels.

101 Ways To Die is gruesome, gory and great.