Blast ‘Em Bunnies – Review (Xbox One)

Aw, I love bunnies. Cute, furry throat slitting bunnies. Wait, what?!

Blast Em’ Bunnies is a first person shooter where you have to endure wave after wave of psychotic bunnies making their way towards to you. You’ll need to fire carrots, watermelon seeds and more to keep them at bay. You’re rooted to the spot though, in charge of a carrot turret, so you need to be quick, thorough and precise. There are two game modes to nibble on: Survival and Slaughter. Survival is as you would expect – you just have to hang in there as long as you can. Slaughter is a 2 minute free-for-all mode where you just shoot as many fluffy rabbits as you can.

Now a hugely important part of the game is picking up coins. These are dropped by defeated enemies and you can shoot them to send the pennies your way. These can then be spent for more effective weapons and ammo in the Armoury section of the menu. In order to hit the jackpot quicker you’ll want to complete missions associated with the level you’re on. These tend to be fairly simple, usually consisting of killing a certain amount of a certain type of enemy. The coins then in turn help you level up, which unlocks more missions and so on.


Despite Dusty Canyon’s serene scenery, the game itself is pretty difficult at first. The idea with Blast ‘Em Bunnies is that the more time you put in to it, the more you get rewarded. That being said, you’ll certainly need your wits about you from minute one, mainly due to your sinister supporting cast. The type of bunnies attacking you seriously vary in their threat. Walkers are as you would expect, slow but you will lose a life if you don’t dispatch of them quickly. Grenadiers keep their distance but bombard you with turnip grenades which you have to shoot out of the air before they arrive at your face. There’s many more, but perhaps the most notable is the Throat Slitters, who come up and give you a big cuddle. Ok they don’t give you a cuddle. They actually pop up and they’ve only bloody stolen your baby! Take ’em out quickly, the evil bunny bastards! Finally, there is of course boss battles. They only pop up from time to time but you better have your carrots ready when they arrive.

Now if you’re up for some digital bunny massacre there are a few things to consider first. The base game is £3.99. This is a ridiculously good price for hours of addictive fun. Despite only being in Dusty Canyon, I spent hours of time there and hugely enjoyed it. Not forgetting that there is also a whopping 73 achievements to go for (they pop like fireworks in the first level, it’s great!). But if you’re a more of a completionist in terms of experiencing everything a game has to offer, then you might want to consider some of the extensive DLC on offer. These include changing your bunny’s skin, changing the arena you fight in, multipliers and weapon unlocks. Want the whole lot? Then go for the Super Mega Bundle. But know that whether you go for the base game or the whole shebang, you’re in for a good time.

Blast ‘Em Bunnies is furry, frantic fun. I mean c’mon, it’s bunnies with guns – what’s not to like?!