Cel Damage HD – Review (Xbox One)

15 years have passed and it’s time to welcome Cel Damage back to its original platform, Xbox. If you missed it back in the day, Cel Damage is a vehicular combat game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s cartoony, off the wall but most importantly heaps of fun.


There are 3 main game modes to drive through; Gate Relay, Flag Rally and Smack Attack. They all do pretty much what they say on the tin. Gate Relay is your most obvious – a normal race lasting 8 laps. Well it’s normal if you consider attaching boxing gloves to the hood of your car and punching other vehicles normal, but more on that later. Flag Rally consists of collecting flags sporadically moving around the track and taking them to a specified collection point, with the first one to 10 taking glory. The final mode Smack Attack is about getting to 300 smacks. This essentially means you can either just career straight into your opponents cars to gain points or collect some of the game’s brilliant weapons to speed up the victory process. Don’t let the straight forwardness of the game modes trick you into thinking you’ve done this all before though. Cel Damage HD has its very own goofy charm and it’s a world you’ll genuinely love spending time in.


A lot of the game’s enjoyment comes from the absurdly brilliant array of weapons you can pick up and attach to your car to fight off your nearby challengers. Chainsaws, baseball bats and the aforementioned boxing gloves all come into play and make Cel Damage HD a truly fun and unconventional ride. Finish Line Games have provided some icing on the cake too with 2 further delicious ingredients. The first being the short cut scenes. Cel Damage is actually set as a fictional TV show and the little snippets you get to see are great viewing. I laughed out loud. Or LOL’d. Whatever you want to call it. The second being the achievement list. It’s a really simple yet gratifying list where you can bag the 1000G in around 4 hours (obviously depending on skill, but you can change the difficulty setting to easy).  Put simply, Cel Damage HD is bloody great and deserves to cel loads (sorry I couldn’t help myself).

Cel Damage HD is a lighthearted, quirky racer that will have you smiling right to the finish line.