Level 22 – Review (Xbox One)

In Level 22, you play as Gary, who’s been out the night before and now is nursing a serious hangover. Trouble is he’s got work, and he’s got a reputation for being late. In fact, if he’s late for work one more time, he’ll be fired. So here in lies your task – you need to get to your office, located on Level 22, without any of your non supporting employees seeing you.


There are 4 different areas to conquer, and each one accumulates in a boss fight. So the question that comes to mind is – how on earth do you make your way through the game’s 20 levels without Gary picking up his P45 and a one way ticket to the job centre? You’re going to need to use all sorts of office supplies; staplers, rubber bands, coffee, hell even donuts and laxatives come in to play. It’s all silly but in a really endearing way. And it’s because you can tell that Gary’s misadventures have had so much care and love put into them. The proof is in the intelligent level design, and the excellent script, which is genuinely funny throughout.

There are also little toys scattered in each level (each one will bag you an acheivement), and some of them are references to other games, ranging from Super Meat Boy to of course, Metal Gear. Throw in some secret rooms, some well hidden safety deposit boxes and a whole bag of achievements to go for and you’re left with a shift of work you won’t want to miss.

Level 22 is a joyous take on the stealth genre and one that definitely get’s the job done. Good work, Gary!