Three Fourths Home – Review (Xbox One)

I’ve never played anything like Three Fourths Home before. It’s an interactive experience which is narrative driven. You play as Kelly, who has moved back into her parent’s house in her mid 20’s. You’re driving through a thunderstorm. The thunderstorm is getting worse and you need to get home. On your way home, you talk with your family. And that’s pretty much it.


Wait, what? No really. That’s it. But the conversations you’ll have with your Mum, Dad and brother give you a strangely intriguing insight into these four people’s lives and the struggles they face simply being a family. They touch on many issues but one that hit me was the Mum’s suppressed anger at Kelly’s lack of contact. The dialogue is delivered amidst a backdrop of monochrome, and this further helps magnify the emotion of the conversations. So whilst the gameplay is simplistic, and the game itself is short, I left Three Fourths Home feeling like I’d experienced quality over quantity.


Three Fourths Home is a very quick and simple 1000G for any achievement hunters out there. It’s also an experience unlike any other you’ve played on Xbox One. So at the measly price of £3.99, Three Fourths Home is well worth your consideration.